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Talking Transit with Taskforce Member Doug Hunt

Let’s face facts:


The good news is that the new infrastructure bill will bring “nearly $9 billion to Indiana.”


The not so good news… other parts of Indiana will benefit greatly. One huge example: According to INDOT Commissioner Joel McGuinness, as described in The South Bend Tribune, “Moving to the top of that list will likely be widening the full lengths of both Interstate 65 and Interstate 70 in Indiana.” One can only imagine that cost!  


South Bend and the other communities in “Toll Road Counties” have already seen nearly five billion dollars taken from Toll Road revenues over the past few years to mostly go to other parts of Indiana. Now, as Hoosiers, we want our roads everywhere to be safe and convenient, but how much longer to the people of South Bend and Mishawaka have to see dollars from Washington, DC and our very own Toll Road spread mostly elsewhere in the state, but for a small percentage.


The study that your RiverRail Task Force has asked Mayor Mueller to fund and support is $300,000. That amount, if successful in shaping up a modern streetcar system for South Bend and Mishawaka can lead to state and federal funding for the full capital amount.


But this is not just about dollars. This is about our hometowns entering the next generation with city-building infrastructure that these communities deserve. After all, greatness  as a community is truly  in our DNA. Just look at the role South Bend played in the economic growth of our country!


Your RiverRail Task Force believes – knows! – that the soul of this community remains strong. We have seen the commitment of this generation of citizens to the future of our town.


So… 9 billion dollars… just for Indiana. Let’s demand our fair share!


The next message from the RiverRail Task Force will give you information about the special funds that the RiverRail modern streetcar will qualify for.

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