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Why Now?

The time is ripe with the new Biden Administration announced plans for major investments in modern, sustainable infrastructure, specifically Biden’s stimulus plan which includes $20 billion for transit infrastructure. And, all of this to be led by our very own Mayor Pete as Secretary of Transportation. Stars have aligned and there is no time to waste...let’s start planning!


South Bend is no

newcomer to streetcars

Our community can benefit once again



New businesses, jobs, & people

New tax revenue

Improved property values

Talent retained


Stronger community identity

Greater sense of place

Stronger community cohesion

More comfortable ride

Equity & Access

Accessible transportation

Affordable transportation

Safe transportation

Permanent, dependable transit


Less carbon footprint

Less traffic congestion

Better air quality

Less sprawl development

It's never too early to enrich and strengthen our community in the face of opportunity.

And the opportunity is now. The major funding of the South Shore projects has only strengthened the claim of the South Bend, Mishawaka, and Notre Dame communities to investment within their boundaries. 

aerial view Michigan Ave with streetcar.

Aerial view of Michigan Ave. with streetcar, 1920s

The modern streetcar is the kind of tool our municipalities need now to accelerate current redevelopment of our community and sustain it over the long run.

Funding Sources

Make no mistake: The RiverRail system will require funding from a variety of sources, with the federal government leading the way and the state government following.

Asset 3.png

These goals are achievable and well-demonstrated in communities which have led the way in developing modern streetcar systems.

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