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Here (below) is a sample letter that you can use to send a message to our local elected officials. Use this as a guide, or write your own. Below the letter are links to all our local and all our Washington elected officials. You can click directly on any or all of the links to send your letter of support for a Modern Streetcar system in the South Bend/Mishawaka region:

Dear _____________,

Please consider the enormous economic impact that other cities across the nation have earned by building a modern streetcar system that encourages new businesses, new people and significant infill in their urban cores. Here in northern Indiana, we have the same opportunity to make a remarkable difference in just a few short years. 

Let’s bring people back to our city neighborhoods, create more local businesses and encourage private developers to invest in underutilized buildings along the streetcar route. Let’s attract new people and jobs. Let’s grow this area for the first time in 50 years.

Modern streetcar systems are no longer speculative. Everywhere they’ve been installed, we see major new private investment, population growth and jobs.

Let’s do it here.  Let’s change the derogatory term ‘rustbelt,’ into ‘Promise Belt.’ Let’s do what other successful cities and towns have already done. Let’s build a modern streetcar system that ties Notre Dame, Mishawaka and South Bend together for the first time in over a hundred years.

Please support the growing movement that will change the trajectory of this region in northern Indiana for generations to come.

Thank you,


Name and Signature

City of South Bend


Mayor, James Mueller




Canneth Lee


Henry Davis Jr.


Sharon McBride


Troy Warner


Sheila Neizgodski


Karen White


Lori Hamann

City of Mishawaka


Mayor, Dave Wood


Woody Emmons


Mike Bellovich


Tony Hazen


Kate Voelker


Mike Compton


Ron Banicki


Greg Hixenbaugh


Matt Mammolenti


Maggie DeMaegd

Indiana 2nd District House of Representatives

Congressman Rudy Yakym

The 2nd district office is temporarily closed
due to the special election to replace the Honorable Jackie Walorski.

Mishawaka Office
2410 Grape Road, Suite 2A , Mishawaka, IN 46545
(574) 204–2645

Indiana Senators

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